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The items on this page are based on original amulets and votive objects from the Dark Age world, discovered at various sites throughout the lands once occupied by the Vikings and Saxons.

As with the originals they may be worn as jewellery, attached to clothing or kept in pocket or purse. They may also be used in ritual working or as votive offerings at holy wells and other sacred waters.

Pendants are supplied with a length of black cord and fitted with a jump ring where required.

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Priest of Odin
(From an amulet found in Uppland, Sweden.) Figure wearing a horned helmet and holding a sword and two spears. 33mm.

Hammer of Thor Pendant
(Based on an original Viking artifact.) Mjolnr, Thor’s hammer pendant. 40mm.

(From an amulet found in the British isles) Loki bound hand and foot, signifying banishing of bad luck. 41mm.

(Original found at Birka, Sweden, 8th c.)
A mounted figure, possibly Balder, armed with sword and shield. 34mm.
Thor Pendant
(Based on a 10th century Icelandic bronze figure.)
A seated figure of the god Thor grasping his hammer.

Berserkr of Odin Brooch
(Based on a die for forming metal, Oland in the Baltic.) A warrior figure with wolf's head mask and twin spears. height 33mm.

Warrior Head Amulet (a) Viking Pendant (Based on a Viking amulet.) Helmeted, bearded and moustached head.
Warrior Head Amulet (b) Viking Pendant
(Based on a Viking amulet.) Helmeted and moustached head.
Head of Odin Amulet
Pendant (Based on an amulet found at Ribe, Denmark.) The One eyed god in a ceremonial helmet. 25mm.

Valkyr Pendant
(Original from Birka, 8th c.) Figure of a Valkyr - “Chooser of the Slain” - holding a drinking horn. 30mm.

Ringed Hammer of Thor
(Based on a Viking amulet.) Mjolnr, Thor’s hammer pendant.

Thor's Hammer
M jolnir - Pendant
Animal headed hammer.

Odin Figure

Priest of Odin Figure


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