Medieval Belt Bags


In middle ages people did not have pockets in their clothes, personal possessions coins, keys, religious tokens, eating implements etc. were carried in bags or pouches.
These bags were usually suspended from a belt or girdle worn around the waist and would have been used by all levels of society from the wealthy lord to the humble peasant.
Our knowledge of the variety of belt bag types comes from both manuscript illustration and from archaeological finds.
Many different types are known. Some bags had a single pocket with the opening protected by a hanging flap. A more complex style had a large pocket with the addition of one or more drawstring pouches. A buckled strap could be added for additional security.
Today belt bags are worn not only by historical re-enactors and live action role players, but also by walkers, cyclists, and others who find them both practical and convenient.
All our medieval belt bags and archer’s wrist guards are handmade in our workshop.

Handmade and decorated Medieval Belt Bags
These are samples of bags we have made in the past. Please enquire regarding availability.

Double Flur-de-lys
Shorter flap length
Additional pockets
Reinforced pocket edge
Over flap may be decorated

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