Summer 2011

Swan Badge
The Swan was the badge of the De Bohun family, owners of Caldicot Castle. It was adopted by Henry IV and Thomas Woodstock - both married De Bohun heiresses.
Cross of St John
Also known as the Maltese Cross, as worn by the Knights Hospitallers of Saint John of Jerusalem.
Based on a find from
Waltham Abbey.
Double Ostrich Feather
A badge bearing two ostrich feathers, symbol of Edward of Woodstock(1330-1376), Prince of Wales with a label inscribed with his name in Gothic lettering.
Based on a archaeological find from the 14th century.

The Great Helm of the
Prince of Wales

A badge depicting the crested great helm of Edward, Prince of Wales, surmounted by a cap of maintenance, above which stands an heraldic lion.
Inspired by a medieval badge now in the British Museum, London.
Ostrich Feather
Edward III adopted the ostrich feather as a royal badge, but it was his son Edward, Prince of Wales who added the motto “Ich Dien”.
This item is based on a find from London, possibly dated 1376, the year of the Black Prince’s death.
A badge identified as a Woodwose (wild man of the woods) shows a naked man with foliage issuing from his face and encircling his body suggesting the figure of the Green Man.
Based on an original medieval artefact discovered in Billingsgate, London.
Strawberry Leaf

Stylised strawberry leaves featured on several crowns from the medieval period. Based on finds from the Thames, London.
A Centaur armed with a
bow and arrow.
Based on archaeological
finds from the medieval period.
Crossbow Badge
The Emblem of the Bowyers’ Company.
The badge has a foot stirrup, and a winding handle on the side. Based on a find from the Thames, London.
Girdle with Arrows
Arrows were associated with the martyrdom of St. Edmund.
It is thought that badges
of this type would have been popular with medieval archers.

White Heart Badge
Crowned and chained royal heart. A Lancastrian badge and the badge of Richard II.

Lovers Badge
Badges of this type were exchanged by lovers, or given as wedding gifts.
Based on archaeological finds from the middle ages.
Heraldic Lion Pendant Heraldic Dog Badge
The Talbot - a emblem of Sir John Talbot, Henry VI’s commander in France.
Also the badge of the Earls of Shrewsbury.
A popular Lancastrian badge.
The boar was the personal badge of Richard Duke of Gloucester, later Richard III, and would have been worn by his household
and retainers.

“S” Badge
A Lancastrian Badge worn throughout the Wars of the Roses.
The emblem had its origin as a royal badge of Henry IV.
Heraldic Rose Pendant
The Rose was a popular emblem throughout the middle ages. It was a badge of the Plantagenets, the House of York and the Tudors.

Owl Badge
Based on a find from Medieval London.

Bagpipes players were a common sight in the medieval period where it provided accompaniment to dances.
The piper here is shown wearing a hooded headdress.
King Arthur
Not a medieval replica but based on a medieval illuminated manuscript.

Norman Knight
Not a historical badge but based on images from the Bayeaux Tapestry.

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