Red haired and stern faced the Morrigan was also known as Morrigu. She was a celtic goddess who took the form of a crow to soar above the battlefield.

Artemis wa the daughter of Zeus and sister of Apollo - was the goddess of the moon and the hunt. She roamed the forests with her bow and arrows accompanied by deer and other wild beasts.

Hecate was associated by the Greeks with all forms of magic and witchcraft. Offerings to her were left at cross roads. As a triple goddess she is sometimes depicted with three heads. Here she is shown with her symbols - a knife, flaming torch and a serpent. Like Demeter, she was associated with fertility and the underworld.

Lilith is referred to in the Babylonian Epic of Gilgamesh and is considered to be the deity depicted in the Burney relief, which dates to 2000 BC.

The sculpture shows her as a winged woman with the talons of a bird and flanked by two owls. The relief, now known as "Queen of the Night", may be seen in the British Museum, while a similar relief is on display in the Louvre, Paris.

In later times she was considered to be the first wife of Adam. Created from the same material as Adam, Lilith believed herself to be his equal. Adam refused to accept this so she left. Angels were sent after her, but failed to persuade her to return.