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All the items on this page are designed and made by Clive Barrett
and are only available from Green Man and Gatekeeper

Dancing Jester
25mm scale figure
Pensive Jester
54mm scale figure
Jester Pendant
Large Jester Pendant
54mm scale figure
Monk Reading
54mm figure
Monk Praying
54mm figure
Monk Standing
54mm figure
54mm figure
54mm scale figure
Lady, late 14th Century
54mm figure
Lady, early 15th Century
54mm figure
Lilith Key Ring
Incised design showing Lilith, the first wife of Adam, offering Eve the apple from the Tree of Life. Ddouble sided - 42 x 32 mm.
Astrological Talisman Pendant
Talisman of Arbatel
Key Ring
Astrological Talisman Key Ring
Only Available from Green Man and the Gatekeeper
Taurus Crafts, The Old Park, Lydney, Gloucestershire GL15 6BU