XV The Hanged Man

ODIN hung upon the branches of Yggdrasil, the sacred Tree. For nine days and nine nights he suffered. Self wounded by his spear, sacrificed by his hand, an offering unto himself. In agony and torment he stared into the bottomless depths of Niflheim, searching the dark pool in silence. Finally, with great effort, he reached down before him. His hand was chilled to the bone in the ice cold waters. With a cry of triumph he grasped the knowledge he sought - the Sacred Runes, their magic and their power.

He took the Runes and he used them well. He carved them upon the shaft of his spear; he carved runes upon all things. By this means he obtained power over all.

INTERPRETATION Voluntary sacrifice for a belief or an ideal; giving to receive; exchanging material comforts for spiritual advancement.

REVERSED MEANING Punishment; pain; loss; selfishness; placing too muchemphasis upon material things; fear of progress.

THE RUNE Os, meaning god but usually considered to refer to Odin ('Os is the origin of all speech' says the Old English Rune Poem). Knowledge; wisdom; communication.